July 07, 2013

The start: Why Crayons and Beads?

"Once you start working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest." - Chanakya

Hello everyone,

welcome to my blog Crayons and Beads. I had an idea about starting an own blog for months now but I did not have enough time to make it happen. I have been following many blogs that have truly inspired me and this has somehow pushed me to make the next step - to create it.

Finally, here I am. Writing my very first post.

Why the name Crayons and Beads?

A month ago, I watched a video on Youtube about how to start and maintain a good blog. It was said that the name must have a meaning and I totally agree. Choosing the name was a little bit difficult. So what did I do? I wrote down every thing or topic that I like and then I picked these two words and put them together - crayons and beads.

Crayons represent the colors - I would be so unhappy if only black and white existed, because I love colors so much! They make everything happier, including me.
Making bracelets is my love and passion. This is why I chose beads.

And who am I?

A girl named Vanja, from Slovenia (so excuse my English, it is not my first language), studying medicine and making bracelets when there is some time. I love the seaside and peaceful environments where I can relax my soul.

I plan on posting once a week every Sunday and I already have many ideas for the future posts. So stay tuned!

I hope you liked this first post, I tried not to write too much. I would love to see what you think of it. Please, leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Best wishes,