August 25, 2013

Hair time: Fishtail half updo

"I don't consider myself bald, I'm just taller than my hair." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Hello everyone,

today's post is dedicated especially to girls and women (sorry guys, nothing against you!) because it is a hair tutorial, as I promised in the previous post. I call it the fishtail half updo in which I also used my DIY hair bow. This hairstyle is so easy and fast to create, it took me only about 5 minutes. And it looks adorable! Interested? Keep on reading!

What you will need:

1) hair :)
2) bobby pins
3) hair bow or any other hair accessory

How to make it:

1) Take a smaller section of hair from the right side and start creating a fishtail braid:
     - divide that section into two sections,
     - take a tiny strand from the left section and put it to the right one, then take a tiny strand from the right section and put it to the left one,
     - repeat the previous line and continue braiding.
2) For best results, braid the hair right next to your head.
3) When you get to the middle of the back of the head, stop braiding and take one or two bobby pins to secure the braid in place.
4) Repeat step 1-3, this time on the left side.
5) Now you should have two little fishtail braids. To spice it up and hide the bobby pins, add a hair bow! (I think I failed this step...Kind of.)

Keep in mind that I'm not a pro. I did not make it perfect at all, my hair was freshly washed (and not fully dry) so it was not cooperating with me properly. I hope you will give it a try!

Have a nice day!