November 09, 2015

ERASMUS LIFE: New series of posts!

Hello, wonderful people!

I feel really terrible due to neglecting and not taking enough care of my website and social media (well, the exception is my private Facebook profile). I don't like excuses at all but I need to write a little bit of a background. I live for more than a month now in a different country, the beautiful Germany. I moved from my Slovenian hometown to Mainz for two semesters (= one year) due to study reasons and to finally experience the Erasmus kind of life (obviously, duh). So I had to accomodate and start living again a.k.a. get my life back to "normal" state. I kind of managed to accomplish this until now, kind of. :) Which brings me to the next point.

You know, I have a wonderful roomate (Slovenians are amazing, just by the way). She is always saying I should start again posting more regularly on my blogsite and publish all the yummy food we are eating over here, in our little appartment. Eating nutritious and healthy food IS possible! However, she once had an idea I could blog about our living here in Mainz. Which sounded as a magnificent idea because I have not seen a lot of posts which cover this topic. Plus I had some kind of inspirational moments those last few hours and finally decided I should post again - about the Erasmus Way of Life (Mainz Edition)!

How will this look? My concept is to write and post photos about... everything? From daily life, what we do here, food (obligatory thing as a foodblogger!), sports/trainings, international friends, events, trips, parties, etc. Not just that, also about all the bad things which can happen/happened. And not to forget the proces and all the work before arriving to the destination.

I really hope those kind of posts will help future Erasmus exchange students. If it helps at least one person, then I have completed my goal. And if someone out there has any suggestions/questions, you are always welcome to write me (
So, next time I will write about our first weeks, how we survived, our impressions, etc. Now it is time for sleep, it is almost 2 am.

Schöne Grüße aus Mainz!